A private yoga session designed just for you...

Our sessions are one-on-one (or can be shared with a friend or partner) and are perfect for:

  • Men and women of all ages who would like to try Yoga (at their own pace!)
  • People who would feel uncomfortable in a group.
  • People with injuries or 'old' problems.
  • People who want to improve their flexibility.
  • People with busy careers who need something in their lives to counter balance the effects.

Why choose one on one?

Yoga has grown in popularity over the past 30 years and with it so have class sizes. One on One (or two) yoga classes allow you to experience yoga taught as it should be with:

  • a consultation to find out what you want to achieve.
  • a tailor made yoga regime reflecting your needs.
  • in depth help and assistance with alignment, breath work and generally finding out how to get the most from your practice.
  • a fully equipped yoga studio with top of the range equipment and supports to help beginners and less able students ease themselves gently into the practice.
  • the time to work at your own pace and really develop your practice with less risk of injury.







Our location

Natural Balance Therapies

30 The Drive
Hove BN3 3JD
01273 771441


Online booking

Click here to book your appointment using our online booking system. Select your chosen teacher from the drop down menu to see their availability.


Our yoga teachers:

Shirley Smith

on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.